The ‘SIC KID’-A simple mnemonic for dealing with sick children

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Ever worried about the sick child? I know I do constantly. I particularly worry about not missing things in the very young ie., the less than 6 month olds. When I see those children in resus, I still get the butterflies. So how could I make this easier for me and you?

I’ve come up with an easy way to remember some of the things that we should not to miss in the very young. If they brought in pale, unwell, or even with significant crying, think of these.

A great way to remember is: ‘SIC KID

These stand for:

S– Sepsis

I– Intussusception and other abdo complaints

C– Cardiac Abnormalities including arrhythmias

K– Kawasaki Syndrome

I– Injury (including non-accidental injury)

D– Don’t Thrive (Failure to Thrive)

Listen to the video above and I hope it helps.

We will be covering all these topics at RESUS 2010 July 10-11. Hope to see you there.

Dr Peter Kas

Emergency Physician, Educator. Key Interests: Resuscitation, Airway, Emergency Cardiology, Clinical Examination. Creator

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