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Diagnosing Ventricular Tachycardia in 5 easy steps

Here is a simple case of potential ventricular tachycardia(VT) How do you manage this? A patient has been brought into your resuscitation cubicle with the a complaint of palpitations. His ECG is as follows: The patient is obviously unstable, so the management decision is easy: ELECTRICITY. What if the patient is stable with a BP…

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Non-Sustained Ventricular Tachycardia; What Would You Do?

A 74 year old man who has presented with seizure-like activity. He was not post ictal. Following this he had a cardiac arrest that was death with, with CPR and he quickly regained return of spontaneous circulation. He is now speaking and awake. His ECG is normal sinus rhythm, but you notice his rhythm strip when…

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VT vs SVT with Aberrancy

The following ECG was sent to me recently. It’s a great case and a situation that we can all be faced with. The question is: Is this VT or SVT with Aberrancy? The further question is; What do you do when your treatment isn’t working? An 80 year old male presents feeling unwell with palpitations.…

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