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Posts Tagged ‘stroke’

A new DAWN for stroke treatment

Last week we looked at a case study involving a patient who awoke with stroke symptoms. In these cases there has been little to offer patients. Thrombolysis has no application here, given its 3-4 hour window. Endovascular mechanical thrombectomy has been hailed as the new treatment. Until January of 2018, trials in this area demonstrated…

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MCA Stroke management. It’s time for a rethink

Dealing with acute major vessel occlusion stroke in a peripheral hospital setting is not what it used to be. Nor should it be! This is a recent case from one of the team. This is a case of a 55 year old chef who woke up at 6am unable to speak or move the right…

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Magnesium Sulfate: Neuroprotective in Stroke? Study says no.

We have had a longstanding and controversial discussion about thrombolysis and definitive management of stroke, however, there is a unified front in trying to find a neuroprotective agent, that somehow shields the cells from damage. Over 70 different such agents have been tried in the past, with no success. One of the main criticisms relating…

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