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Why is the CO2 so high?

A 29 yo female presents with tachycardia and shortness of breath and some pleuritic chest...

Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of DVT and PE

This is a review of the updated guidelines on Diagnosis and Management of DVT and...

Let’s MacGyver some equipment for COVID-19

We all remember MacGyver. He'd had a toothpick and a piece of thread and voila,...

How to Read the CTPA

CTPA's are sometimes quite confusing to read. A simple approach, based on differentiating the anatomy...

5 Things to Think About in a Wheezy Child

Minimal Handling Stop touching the patient.  Often enough in paediatrics, more is not better. This...

The Crashing Asthmatic Patient

The Crashing Asthmatic Patient is perhaps one of the most frightening of patients to treat....

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