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This is your Resource Page for weekly teaching.

Refer to the syllabus below then click the link and watch the videos and do the exercises so we can have a discusion during our teaching sessions.

This is our Weekly Registrar Teaching and dedicated page at Bundaberg Emergency Department. I am happy to share all that we have with other departments. Just click on the buttons as they are highlighted each week, to go to a teaching page. Alternatively you can go to out Fellowship Study Tools Page.

To our senior staff. Please see what you can fill in in terms of the teaching. Just email the date and topic you wish to do and I will update it. Click on info@resus.com.au to email me.

Registrar Teaching

Wednesday : Resident Teaching
Thursday: Trainee teaching
Thursday 13thKamikaze CoursePeter Kas
Wednesday 19thAbdominal Pain in ChildrenPeter Kas
Thursday 20thPaediatric ResuscitationPeter Kas
Thursday 20thRenal PhysiologyPeter Kas
Wednesday 26thChest PainTerry George
Thursday 27thEye InjuriesSeb
Wednesday 2ndBack PainTerry George
Thursday 3rdAtrial FibrillationTerry george
Wednesday 9thAbdo Pain in the ElderlyPeter Kas
Thursday 10thAsthma/Croup/BronchiolitisPeter Kas
Wednesday 16thReading the ECGPeter Kas
Thursday 17thToxicology 101: StimulantsPeter Kas
Wednesday 23rdFalls in The ElderlyBellice Olima
Thursday 24thBreathing, Circulation, Drugs of ETT/IPPVTerry George
Wednesday 30thMichael Chang
Thursday 31stHigh PerformanceRobert Scott
Wednesday 6thO&G EmergenciesPeter Kas
Thursday 7thO&G EmergenciesPeter Kas
Wednesday 13thTrauma SystemsYulia Sugeng
Thursday 14thLateral CanthotomyPeter Kas
Wednesday 20thPaul Davies
Thursday 21stJuanita Rayner
Wednesday 27thBen Waterson
Thursday 28thBellice Olima
Wednesday 4th
Thursday 5thScrotal EmergenciesPeter kas
Thursday 5th
Wednesday 11th
Thursday 12th
Thursday 12th
Wednesday 18th
Thursday 19thTBCAdam Michael
Thursday 19th
Wednesday 25th
Thursday 26th
Thursday 26th
Wednesday 1st
Thursday 2ndVictorian Scientific meeting feedbackPeter kas
Thursday 2ndRenal Physiology 1/2Peter kas
Wednesday 9thThe Patient with SOBPeter kas
Thursday 9thAAA + DissectionPeter kas
Thursday 9thRenal Physiology 2/2Peter kas
Wednesday 15th
Thursday 16th
Thursday 16th
Wednesday 22nd
Thursday 23rd
Thursday 23rd
Wednesday 29thThe SIC KIDPeter Kas
Thursday 30thAnnual Scientific Meeting FeedbackPeter kas
Thursday 30thUL Anatomy 1/2Peter Kas
Wednesday 6thHeadachePeter kas
Thursday 7thToxicology 102Peter kas
Thursday 7thUL Anatomy 2/2Peter kas
Wednesday 13th
Thursday 14th
Thursday 14th
Wednesday 20th
Thursday 21st
Thursday 21st
Wednesday 27thBasic FracturesPeter Kas
Thursday 28thTrauma ResuscitationPeter Kas
Thursday 28thLL Anatomy 1/1Peter Kas

Click on the links below to find out more about the teaching sessions you have attended. Watch Videos and read synopses. The links become LIVE AFTER the lecture is given.

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