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HEADS UP: The Written Fellowship Exam is Yours to Pass.

The key to passing is to have a strategy and a fearless positive attitude! I started teaching people the strategies to passing the exam over 10 years ago. From that initial course comes our 6 month Written Fellowship Course, with videos and lectures  and webinars and more MCQ’s than you can do. This course has one of the highest pass rates around. The OSCE Course has an amazing pass rate.

This isn’t because I’m soooooo clever. It happens because you guys are! You know more than you think you know. When someone finally brings structure and strategy to you, you can’t help but perform well.

OKAY Let’s get on with the video. I recently put on my webinar on How to Pass the Fellowship Exam. A lot of you signed up but due to life, didn’t get there. Here it is again. Enjoy. PLUS please send this page link to a friend. Help them as well. I hope to see you at one of the courses or as a newly minted FACEM!

The video starts about 3 minutes into the conversation.

Please let others know and we will see some of you at the February Course.

Please know that if you wish to join early as we cap the number of spots, for only the February Course we will give you access a month early ie just after Christmas. BOOK NOW

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