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Resus is dedicated to Emergency and Resuscitation education, through workshops and conferences and on-line teaching.


Our Company

At RESUS our mission is to change Emergency Medicine by teaching in ways that engage and inspire people to learn. By making learning enjoyable, stimulating and inevitable. We encourage sharing what we teach and the spreading of knowledge, because this benefits patients everywhere. That’s why we do what we do.
We firmly believe that: “The knowledge you take into your shift does matter.”

We understand the challenge of what we do, the intensity of what we do, the commitment it requires and the effects it has physically and emotionally, as well as the effects on time and relationships…… So we set up conferences and workshops that not only teach practical, immediately applicable knowledge, but do so in a way that promotes learning as being enjoyable and encompasses wellbeing.


Our workshops are intense, because our profession is intense. We teach at a level that allows practical techniques to be picked up quickly. Our conferences are like no other, with 30 lectures in a day of quick-fire 5, 10 and 15 minute lectures, that keep everyone learning and focused. Our locations are set up specifically so that we teach and have time to relax at the same time. The Masterclasses are set up so that delegates can take their families with them. Learn in the morning and have time with those you love the rest of the day. It’s the balance that we have found that works. This is the essence of wellbeing.

We found that our Conferences challenge some current thinking but also reinforce current knowledge needs. Registrars came to us and asked if we could help with their exams. We set up the Primary Exam Course, Written Fellowship and OSCE Courses. These are like no other courses. They provide online virtual teaching and then reinforce with face to face teaching. We are proud to say that the success rates at exams have been outstanding.

Team Resus



  • Director Emergency Services Wimmera Healthcare Group
  • Creator Resus.com.au
  • Convenor EMCORE Conferences

Dr Peter Kas


Director of Emergency Medicine Training, Bundaberg Base Hospital

Dr Adam Michael


Senior Emergency Physician, Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

Dr Claire Wilkins


Clinical Director, Demand Management Unit at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney

Dr James Edwards


Director of Emergency Medicine at the Townsville Hospital

Dr Luke Lawton


Director Emergency Services Grafton Base Hospital NSW

Dr Will Davies

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