Cardiac Bootcamp
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Cardiac Bootcamp
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Gilula’s Carpal Arcs

Gilula's carpal arcs are used to determine carpal alignment. They can assist in identifying ligamentous...

Smith’s Fracture Diagnosis and Management

A 15 yo male with a Smith’s Fracture. The patient had fallen onto his flexed...

The ‘Lightbulb Sign’ doesn’t always mean a posterior dislocation

A 35 yo woman presents to the emergency department with a complaint of shoulder dislocation....

Elbow Fractures

How good are you at reading elbow X-rays? Here are some tools and rules that...

Maisonneuve Fracture

A Maisonneuve fracture is caused by pronation and external rotation. It can be difficult to...

Flexor Tendon Sheath Infections of The Hand

Infection of the flexor tendon sheaths of the hand, represents a potential surgical emergency, due...

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