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Is it Thoracic Aortic Dissection?

The Case A 58 yo patient presents to the emergency department with central crushing chest...

The Reverse Vagal Manoeuvre for SVT

A NEW technique for reverting SVT was published in AJEM(1) this week. The Reverse Vagal...

Canadian Syncope Risk Score

Those Canadians are clever. They've given us ankle rules and knee rules and subarachnoid rules....

A Patient with Wide Complex Tachycardia

Beware the Impersonators This week we see one of my favourite ECGs of the year....

5 Things you Must do when Patients Present with Syncope

Patients who present to the emergency department following a syncopal episode can be a diagnostic...

Cardioversion in Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Is cardioversion safe in the pregnant patient? A CASE A 24 yo female patient presents...

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