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The new resuscitation guidelines

The new Australian Resuscitation Guidelines are out. We were waiting to see if they took on the form of the Americal Heart Association or the European version. We tend to follow the European version. Here they are. The new guidelines recognise the need for continuous chest compressions as well as the need to minimise time…

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What rash is this?

An 8 month girl is brought to the Emergency Department by her parents. She has not been eating as much as usual over the previous 24 hours and has now decreased her fluid intake. She has had a fever of 38 and they are very concerned about this rash she has over her legs. It…

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Cutting the neck – a final word!

The one area of greatest concern, amongst delegates when I’m giving an airway workshop, is when and how, to do a surgical airway. Why do we fear this so much?

It’s very simple. There are three main reasons:

1. We keep asking ourselves, “When should I really do the surgical airway?” So we aren’t sure of the indications.

2. We keep asking ourselves, “What if I screw it up?”

3. We don’t do this procedure often, in fact very rarely, so we are not as skilled as we would like to be.

Let me go over some of the main points associated with surgical airway, that will clarify all of these issues.

The surgical airway is a last avenue, it is usually the final pathway in the management of the emergency airway.

The indication for the surgical airway is simply cannot ventilate and cannot oxygenate. It is not cannot intubate.

Although our initial aim is to secure the airway, by putting a cuff in the trachea and inflating it, our plans must change, once we cannot obtain access to the trachea, via the cords.

You say, but I can’t intubate and I don’t have a secure airway. I must do the surgical airway.


Stop for a moment and think. The third reason […]

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Resus talk

‘Resus Talk‘ is the new offering we have for you. It replaces Medical Talk and gives a whole lot more! Current holders of Medical Talk subscriptions will now receive Resus Talk and all the new benefits. You have told us what you want: more speakers, more topics, resuscitation, cardiac arrest, paediatrics, emergency education, airway, general medical,…

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The Advanced Airway Workshop

The Advanced Airway Workshop. We just finished the ‘Airway’ workshop in Melbourne at the Soma Health Sim Centre and what an outstanding time we all had. The guys played all out and everyone tried new things. We had a range of mannequins, 10 all up, from the simplest to the most difficult intubations. Everyone had…

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