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Let’s face it, everyone’s nervous about the new exam. What’s different, what isn’t? Everything is different, yet nothing is. The syllabus is still the same. The knowledge you need to have to practice as an Emergency Physician is still the same! But this is an exam that relies less on technique….sure there’s still some technique…

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Are you still using cricoid pressure? STOP IT!

For years we have been using cricoid pressure in the emergency airway, so as to minimise regurgitation when the neuromuscular blocker is given and the gastro-oesophageal sphincter relaxes. The theory is that we use the trachea to compress the posterior lying oesophagus.We need to stop. The only real indication for cricoid pressure is when there…

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Why I love vascular ultrasound!

I remember a time before the ultrasound when all the central lines I would do (except for coagulopathic patients) were subclavian lines. I had a real concern about the rate of pneumothoraces using the internal jugular approach. Now, they are all I will do. Thanks to the ultrasound. You don’t have to be an ultrasound…

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Pericarditis vs Infarction vs Repolarisation

I’ve done blogs on early depolarisation and infarction in the past. The story isn’t complete unless we also discuss pericarditis. In acute pericarditis the ST elevation that occurs reflects abnormal repolarization that develops secondary to pericardial inflammation. PR depression is very specific for pericarditis. It is a result of subepicardial injury. PR depression occurs in all leads…

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It’s 2pm on a Saturday and the regular crowd shuffles in. Sorry that’s a Billy Joel song. It’s 2pm on a Saturday and a 23 year old male presents after being struck in the eye by a squash ball. You quickly look and it’s a ……….HYPHAEMA. A hyperaemia is defined as blood in the anterior…

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Christmas and Ralph Waldo Emerson

As I sit here after a fantastic Christmas Day and I think of all the things I’m grateful for in this last 12 months, I write to thank you all for your continued commitment to excellence and learning. I thank you for the opportunity to teach and for the time you give to read the…

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Demand excellence in your medicine and you

A slightly different blog today. A little while ago I gave a lecture on creating ‘Excellence in Medical Education’. One part spoke to the doctors and nurses themselves and impressed upon them to be the best that they could be. Forget about the administration and the budget and all those other things we can’t control. Were they the…

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ECG in 20 seconds explained

OK here it is! We’ve just finished and amazing Cardiac Course (next year’s course now open) at RPA in Sydney and I must say that everyone thought the idea of being able to pick the most important parts of the ECG and read an ECG in 20 seconds without wasting time looking for things that aren’t important…

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