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Can you diagnose the cause of DIPLOPIA? Take the test.

Created by Dr Peter Kas

Can you Diagnose the Cause of DIPLOPIA?

A 58 yo male presents to the emergency department with a complaint of "Doc I'm seeing double"
Try these 8 questions.

1 / 8

If you think that the patient has MONOCULAR DIPLOPIA

2 / 8

In terms of BINOCULAR DIPLOPIA, which of the following is correct?

3 / 8

Which cranial nerve is affected here?

Source: October 2011Case Reports in Neurology 3(3):248-51

4 / 8

Which cranial nerve is affected here?

Source: September 2006Comprehensive ophthalmology update 7(5):215-21; discussion 223-4

5 / 8

Look at the following image. Which Cranial Nerve is involved?

Source: Oman J Ophthalmol. 2014 May-Aug; 7(2): 103–104

6 / 8

In the following image, when would you expect diplopia to occur?

Source: September 2006Comprehensive ophthalmology update 7(5):215-21; discussion 223-4

7 / 8

Multiple cranial nerve abnormalities and any headache require an urgent CT brain looking for:( 2 correct answers)

8 / 8

Cranial Nerve III paralysis can be complete or incomplete.
In terms of clinical findings in CN III paralysis, which of the following is true?(3 correct answers)

Your score is

The average score is 50%


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