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Fever in the ED

Fever In The Emergency Department We like to see things as binary in the ED, troponins, d-dimers, CTPA they all give yes no answers. We often treat fever in a similar way, fever = infection just like our mothers taught us. But are we any better than a hand on the forehead, can we use temperature…

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A New Fever Coming to an ED Near You

Aedes albopictus mosquito feeding On 26th April 2013 2 cases of Chikungunya Fever were reported in The Cairns Post (1). The patients involved had both recently returned from Papua New Guinea and the cases are thought to have been imported. “Phew!” I hear you say; “Although it does expand the list of differential diagnoses of…

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TB in the ED

Case Presentation: During a recent shift as a VMO in an Eastern State Regional ED I was faced with a rarely encountered, clinically important and emerging clinical challenge. Many of you would have noted the increase in media attention to the problem of tuberculosis, and particularly multi-drug resistant TB (MDR TB). 4 recent cases of…

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Stevens-Johnson syndrome

It is sometimes called Erythema Multiforme Major and is a severe skin involvement with bullous skin lesions, more than 2 mucous membrane involvement as well as multisystem involvement.(Picture from Wikipedia) The aetiology is as for erythema multiforme. Clinically the patient may have fevers, arthralgias, headache and diarrhoea. The lesions may begin as macules and progress to bullae,…

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