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Cyanosis or Something Else?

A 75 year old gentleman presented with acute on chronic abdominal pain. His triage noted that he was “centrally cyanosed, but comfortable” and that his daughter had reassured the concerned triage nurse that his skin was usually that colour and there was nothing to be concerned about. When I called the patient from the waiting…

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The Killer Rash That Wasn’t

A little more relaxed with this blog….but it is soo important. William Osler,  is one of my heroes in medicine. He said “More is missed by not looking than by not knowing”. The one thing I teach in Clinical Examination is that we must examine and think as we do so and put it together,…

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Stevens-Johnson syndrome

It is sometimes called Erythema Multiforme Major and is a severe skin involvement with bullous skin lesions, more than 2 mucous membrane involvement as well as multisystem involvement.(Picture from Wikipedia) The aetiology is as for erythema multiforme. Clinically the patient may have fevers, arthralgias, headache and diarrhoea. The lesions may begin as macules and progress to bullae,…

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What rash is this?

An 8 month girl is brought to the Emergency Department by her parents. She has not been eating as much as usual over the previous 24 hours and has now decreased her fluid intake. She has had a fever of 38 and they are very concerned about this rash she has over her legs. It…

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