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Clinical Fellowship Course

Kamikaze Clinical Fellowship Course – Melbourne/Sydney- March and April 2014 The Kamikaze Clinical Fellowship Course is a 5 week course 4 weeks of outstanding virtual environment including videos of short cases as well as Do’s and Don’ts of the Long Case and the SCE. There are skype SCE’s and Long Cases and interactive discussion about how to approach this exam. There are the two FACE…

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Examination of The Hand

      In performing the clinical examination we need a place to start. The hands are the answer. Start by shaking the patient’s hand in greeting and the rest will follow. We need to remember how invasive an examination is for the patient and also remember how necessary it is. The clinical examination should progress smoothly…

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Clinical Pearl- Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

A 24 year old male presents following a syncopal episode. On cardiovascular examination you believe there is a systolic murmur. Given his history and a family history of his father having a ‘large’ heart, you are suspicious of cardiomyopathy. How can you assess on clinical examination if the murmur is that of cardiomyopathy? I know…

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