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Seizure, Syncope and Sudden Collapse Dr Peter Kas

Seizure, Syncope and Sudden Collapse, By Associate Professor Peter Kas, looks at the causes of syncope and simplifies these causes by looking at two broad categories;

  • Is it cardiac or Not?
  • Is it syncope PLUS something else?

The aim is to exclude the cardiac causes of syncope and those causes that aren’t cardiac but are still sinister i.e..AMI, PE, AAA, Dissection, SAH.

We also look at the ECG’s of Syncope, using Prof Kas’s well known mnemonic “A2,B2,C,W and long QT and the ECGs of PE

Rule The Arrhythmia Dr Peter Kas

In Rule the Arrhythmia A/Prof Peter Kas takes us into a simplified mnemonic to work out the arrhythmias. The reality is that ECG’s are the right rate, slow or fast.

  • If they are slow then its a sinus, junctional or Mobitz block or complete heart block and we need to speed them up if they are symptomatic or if there is a significant potential to deteriorate.
  • If they are fast we ask 3 questions:

1. Is it narrow? its sinus and SVT or atrial fibrillation(if irregularly irregular)

2. Is it wide? If yes and has a rate greater than 120bpm then its VT- Cardiovert.

Paediatric Heart Conditions we must know. Dr Peter Kas

In Paediatric Heart Conditions you must know Associate Professor Peter Kas goes over the most basic of paediatric cardiology including VSD, Tetralogy and some other causes and looks at the clinical presentations of these patients.

Is there anything New in Cardiac Failure?

In this video, A/Prof Kas looks at the new guidelines on heart failure and really shows that not much is new. The approach should still be:

  • A decrease in preload /afterload- GTN
  • A recruitment of alveoli by CPAP or BiPAP
  • Frusemide but only recognised as a delayed working agent.


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