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How do I treat an electrical burn?

Electrical Burns can be a significant injury. Patients with electrical burns present infrequently to the ED. It is...

What is Christmas Disease?

It’s around Christmas and someone mentions Christmas Disease. What’s that?

How do I rule out pulmonary embolism?

In those patients that have a low pre-test probability of a pulmonary embolism (PE), we can rule out...

Why does this patient have numb feet?

This patient had Guillain Barre Syndrome. Listen to the patient give her history and then a short lecture...

A case of head injury that raised a few questions

CASE STUDY: TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY A 30 year old male is brought to the Emergency Department with a...

The Advanced Airway Workshop

The Advanced Airway Workshop. We just finished the ‘Airway’ workshop in Melbourne at the Soma Health Sim Centre...
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