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When do I order a CT head in head injury?

Had an interesting case handed over to me recently, that raised some questions. The presentation was that the patient  had opened his door and been allegedly assaulted by “these two dudes”. He had apparently lost consciousness. He complained of severe facial pain, especially over the left zygomatic arch. His GCS was 15, and he was…

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A surgical airway saved a life

One of the reasons I put on the workshops in airway and resuscitation is to get the skills out to people. Here is a message I received last night from someone who recently atttended out workshop. “From pig’s airways to the real deal 4 weeks later, and a life saved thanks to Peter Kas’s Fabulous…

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How well does atrial fibrillation and electricity mix?

Hello Everyone, greetings and welcome. The approach to treatment of atrial fibrillation is still one of the most controversial areas in emergency arrhythmia management. Is it rate control or is it rhythm control? When do you shock back to sinus, or at least attempt it? Who do you give anticoagulation to? Given that it affects…

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How do I treat this patient with status?

Here is a brief talk on managing patients with status. The definition of Status Epilepticus is a seizure lasting more or equal to 30 minutes, or several seizures without complete resolution between seizures. The options for inititally treating seizures is to give a choice of benzodiazepines. The choice of benzos is between diazepam, which has…

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How do I treat an electrical burn?

Electrical Burns can be a significant injury. Patients with electrical burns present infrequently to the ED. It is important to know how to approach these patients. There are different groups and approaches. There is a bimodal distribution of electrical injuries and some of the literature discusses a trimodal distribution. The first peak is childhood electrical…

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Why does this patient have numb feet?

This patient had Guillain Barre Syndrome. Listen to the patient give her history and then a short lecture on it.   Guillain Barre Syndrome is an acute demyelinating polyneuropathy. Most cases follow some pre-existing infection up to three weeks prior. Causes may also relate to post surgery. The patient will describe ‘numb’ hands or feet,…

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A case of head injury that raised a few questions

CASE STUDY: TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY A 30 year old male is brought to the Emergency Department with a traumatic brain injury. The history is an alleged assault with respiratory arrest following. He has been intubated by the paramedics and has been given adrenaline for hypotension. His pulse rate is 140bpm and his blood pressure is…

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The Advanced Airway Workshop

The Advanced Airway Workshop. We just finished the ‘Airway’ workshop in Melbourne at the Soma Health Sim Centre and what an outstanding time we all had. The guys played all out and everyone tried new things. We had a range of mannequins, 10 all up, from the simplest to the most difficult intubations. Everyone had…

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