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The septic baby

Case Study: Paediatrics—————————————————————–A 5 month old male baby was brought into the Emergency Department by his mother. He is lethargic and limp with occasional aggravated-type crying. The conscious state is alternating between being asleep and agitated crying. He was not quite himself yesterday according to the family.  Today he went off food three hours ago, quite…

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Vertigo part 2 – video of Head Thrust test

I recently spoke about the head thrust test, to differentiate peripheral from central causes of vertigo. Here is a video demonstrating it. Remember that the vestibulo-occular reflex is affected on the side opposite to the quick phase of the nystagmus.

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The glue sniffer’s mother – a case study

Some people have asked me to present an old case I put up at the “Airway, CPR and Trauma” workshop. This is a case I saw as a registrar, simple and effective for teaching. A 56 year old woman presents after midnight to the ED. She says that she is having an anxiety attack, brought on…

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Resus talk

‘Resus Talk‘ is the new offering we have for you. It replaces Medical Talk and gives a whole lot more! Current holders of Medical Talk subscriptions will now receive Resus Talk and all the new benefits. You have told us what you want: more speakers, more topics, resuscitation, cardiac arrest, paediatrics, emergency education, airway, general medical,…

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The ‘HEAD THRUST TEST’ for acute vertigo diagnosis

Dizziness and vertigo is a common presentation to the emergency department. This month in ‘Medical Talk’, we describe the Head Thrust test as a means of differentiation between vestibular neuritis and vertebrobasilar insufficiency. We also look at other causes of vertigo including benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, meniere’s disease, labyrinthitis, perilymph fistula, CNVIII and cerebellopontine angle tumours,…

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The febrile child

This is a 14 minute audio taken from January ‘Medical Talk’. To find out more on ‘Medical Talk’, look through the ‘Products’ section. The febrile child is a common presentation in the emergency department. Fever including febrile convulsions is something we see almost on a day to day basis. We need to have an approach…

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The airway – when will I get these skills?

Hello everyone, greetings and welcome. This is a call for everyone who has asked about improving their airway skills and resus skills. The airway workshop on 25th April in Melbourne still has a few places. Have a look and let’s see you there. This time I want you to have more and so am including…

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Vertigo and nystagmus

A 65 year old man presents to the emergency department with a sudden onset of ‘dizziness’. He feels more dizzy on any head movement as well as on sitting up. He is finding it difficult to walk around as his balance is affected. This is a common presentation in emergency departments and our main role…

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The ‘airtaq’ – is this the best little gadget?

Just a quick word about the ‘airtraq’. I’ve been dealing with difficult airways for quite some time now and this is one of the few devices that have come my way that I can say wow about! This one really works! I should point out that I don’t have any financial interest in the company that manufactures them. In…

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When do I order a CT head in head injury?

Had an interesting case handed over to me recently, that raised some questions. The presentation was that the patient  had opened his door and been allegedly assaulted by “these two dudes”. He had apparently lost consciousness. He complained of severe facial pain, especially over the left zygomatic arch. His GCS was 15, and he was…

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