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RESUS 2010 July 10th and 11th Melbourne

RESUS 2010 is a two day conference totally dedicated to resuscitation. When I first started planning this conference nearly a year ago, it was obvious that there was nothing of this kind in Australia. I wanted to provide doctors, nurses and paramedics with something that they could attend within Australia and not have to travel…

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Kawasaki Disease

This is a 4 minute video lecture on Kawasaki Disease. It looks at the diagnostic criteria as well as the treatment with Ig. This is also known as Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome. It is a vasculits of the medium sized arteries and is a leading cause of cardiac disease in children in the Western world….

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Adelaide was focused on Airway

Just finished a great weekend with all the guys in Adelaide. We looked at Basic and Advanced Airway. The physiology, anatomy and the theory behind airway. There were practical sessions that covered, bag valve mask use, the laryngeal mask, intubation, the use of an introducer, the bougie, the intubating laryngeal mask(ILMA) and the ‘airtraq’. A…

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Seizure, Syncope and Sudden Collapse

Here is a link to a GP website, where a recent video is set up. The lecture is on Syncope and its differentiation from seizures. It talks about how to risk stratify patients so that we minimise our chances of missing the cardiac cases. Enjoy.

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Lunate Dislocation

What type of fracture is this? Correct – you need to get both right angled views. Based on this view it is probably a LUNATE Dislocation A lunate dislocation happens typically following a fall onto the wrist. This is an x-ray diagnosis. There will be swelling and there may be median nerve signs (due to…

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Johnny where are my keys?

A mother brings her 2 year old into the emergency department. “I’ve lost my house key and can’t get into the house. Johnny was playing with it. I wonder if there is any way he could have swallowed it?” Any comments on how to manage? Pretty much leave well enough alone. If the child is…

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Using Gadgets in medical education

The iphone, the blackberry, windows based devices, nokia and other devices are commonplace amongst us. Some people carry one device, some two. With a small amount of planning these devices can become absolute resources for learning. This blog briefly looks at some of the applications we have for these devices. You can now download videos…

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Propranolol overdose

This  case study on beta blocker overdose was presented by one of our registrars, at Grand Rounds. It was an interesting case and one we thought you might enjoy. A 53 year old male is brought to the Emergency Department by ambulance: At 2045 he had taken an overdose of his beta blocker medication. The…

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The septic baby

Case Study: Paediatrics—————————————————————–A 5 month old male baby was brought into the Emergency Department by his mother. He is lethargic and limp with occasional aggravated-type crying. The conscious state is alternating between being asleep and agitated crying. He was not quite himself yesterday according to the family.  Today he went off food three hours ago, quite…

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Vertigo part 2 – video of Head Thrust test

I recently spoke about the head thrust test, to differentiate peripheral from central causes of vertigo. Here is a video demonstrating it. Remember that the vestibulo-occular reflex is affected on the side opposite to the quick phase of the nystagmus.

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