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Archive for February 2019

The ‘Lightbulb Sign’ doesn’t always mean a posterior dislocation

A 35 yo woman presents to the emergency department with a complaint of shoulder dislocation. There is a previous history of multiple dislocations, including two posterior dislocations. There has been no trauma, or seizure or other major force, as might be expected to cause a posterior dislocation, although posterior dislocation can occur in the absence…

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The unstable patient with massive PV bleed

The Case It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in a small ED (sounds like the start to a bad story, doesn’t it?) I picked up the next chart…30-year-old, 13/40, light PV bleeding History – otherwise healthy 30 year old, no medications, G2P1, 13/40, light bleeding since yesterday, some cramping low abdominal pain, USS at 10/40…

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Will Paramedic-2 change my practice?

If you haven’t caught the newly published Paramedic-2  trial, here’s a brief rant that tells you everything you need to know. The ostensible reason for the publication has been the ongoing debate about the role of adrenaline in cardiac arrest. In fact the very first line of the paper reads “concerns about the use of…

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