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Archive for March 2018

5 Things to Think About in a Wheezy Child

Minimal Handling Stop touching the patient.  Often enough in paediatrics, more is not better. This is of key importance in the younger age group. The more lights/monitors and hands on assessment – the more distressing to the child. The more distress – the greater the effort of breathing becomes.  Most children with wheeze are best…

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Zipper Injuries

This blog is often full of new evidence from high quality trials and literature reviews as well as clinical pearls to help enable us to choose wisely with our sickest patients, usually those in the resus bay. That being said, for most emergency physicians, perhaps up to a third of their clinical time, may be…

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Contrast Induced Nephropathy: Is it Real?

You are managing a trauma and request a CT abdomen to exclude an intra-abdominal injury. The radiology registrar asks about the patients’ renal function. Sound familiar? The good news is that the scan go ahead without knowing the renal function. This is supported by the current guidelines of the Royal Australasian and New Zealand College…

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Fixed Dilated Pupils

Head injury with fixed dilated pupils: Are we done? We have looked at the pupillary response before on this blog in terms of the Doll’s Eye Reflex in brainstem death and the oculocephalic reflex. However, what if the pupils are fixed and dilated? We seem to learn quite early in our medical careers that fixed…

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