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Archive for November 2017

Non-Sustained Ventricular Tachycardia; What Would You Do?

A 74 year old man who has presented with seizure-like activity. He was not post ictal. Following this he had a cardiac arrest that was death with, with CPR and he quickly regained return of spontaneous circulation. He is now speaking and awake. His ECG is normal sinus rhythm, but you notice his rhythm strip when…

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Headache and a near miss case of Temporal Arteritis

Temporal Arteritis also known as Giant Cell Arteritis, affects the medium and large arteries and is a vasculopathy. The greatest risk, if not treated, is irreversible loss of vision. It is a medical emergency. CASE A 79 year old woman has been sent in by her GP, complaining of unbearable, intractable headache for the past…

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Hypothermia is defined as any core temperature < 35 degrees Celsius Today I wanted to look at a case and then discuss the controversies associated with the Management of Hypothermia. CASE: An 87 year old woman is brought to your emergency department. She has been found unconscious in the street by a passer by. She…

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Intraosseous Needle for Craniotomy

This week, I would like to present a case study by Bulstrode et al (Injury, Int. J. Care Injured 48 (2017) 1098–1100) on the use of the EZ-IO drill for drainage of an extradural haemorrhage.   The case is of a 43 yo pedestrian hit by a car at low speed. The patient’s  GCS on…

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Maisonneuve Fracture

A Maisonneuve fracture is caused by pronation and external rotation. It can be difficult to find, even if we get fixated on the ankle. The patient may present with a complaint of rolling their ankle and ankle pain. Be vigilant for this type of injury. It is made of two main components: A spiral fracture of…

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