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Archive for August 2017

Not SAH: Are We Done?

A/Prof Peter Kas looks at the patient who has presented with sudden onset of headache and you have ruled out subarachnoid haemorrhage. He asks the question “Are We Done?” The answer is no. Watch to see the other diagnosis, that are potentially life threatening that must still be ruled out.

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Status Epilepticus: Get the Ketamine

A/Prof Peter Kas looks at the status and refractory as well as super refractory status epilepticus. He covers traditional therapy, talks about efficacy and also discusses the new found use for Ketamine in these patients.

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Rule The Arrhythmia Dr Peter Kas

In Rule the Arrhythmia A/Prof Peter Kas takes us into a simplified mnemonic to work out the arrhythmias. The reality is that ECG’s are the right rate, slow or fast. If they are slow then its a sinus, junctional or Mobitz block or complete heart block and we need to speed them up if they…

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Seizure, Syncope and Sudden Collapse Dr Peter Kas

Seizure, Syncope and Sudden Collapse, By Associate Professor Peter Kas, looks at the causes of syncope and simplifies these causes by looking at two broad categories; Is it cardiac or Not? Is it syncope PLUS something else? The aim is to exclude the cardiac causes of syncope and those causes that aren’t cardiac but are…

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Awake Intubation

A/Prof Peter Kas talks about Awake Intubation and more precisely Awake Nasal Intubation. This technique has seen somewhat of a revival. The video looks at the circumstances of when to use it and when not and the approach to use.

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Paediatric Airway

A/Prof Peter Kas takes you through the Paediatric Airway and the specific differences from the Adult airway. Are kids just small adults? ow do we size the airways? What is the best approach?

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