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Archive for June 2017


Hyponatremia is a common electrolyte abnormality. It can be acute or chronic. It can occur in isolation or as part of other disease processes.  Diagnosing its cause can be challenging in the Emergency Department and there may be some confusion over how to initially manage these patients. Let’s clear up that confusion, with a simple…

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Important Studies in Emergency Medicine

Below are some important studies in Emergency Medicine. There certainly are more, however these are the most recent and relevant. More will be added to this page regularly. TRAUMA Sherren PB et al. Algorithm for the resuscitation of traumatic cardiac arrest patients in a physician-staffed helicopter emergency medical service. Critical Care 201317(Suppl 2):P281 The authors here looked…

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CERTIFICATES– Please click on your name to Download For those wishing to download some material that supports an application for RACGP pointsplease click  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF – Please submit these documents directly to RACGP and request points If there is a problem with your certificate, please email [email protected] and another certificate will be emailed to you immediately. Aguinaldo Alejandro Allin Anderson Andrew Yip Anjum Arena Awujo Badgoti Balchin Bansal Barry Bartel Bauza Bell Ben Beng…

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CERTIFICATES- Please Download by clicking on your name. The PDF describing the Workshop and number of hours it comprised can be downloaded here: CARDIAC BOOTCAMP FRIDAY 2ND JUNE 2017 PDF – Please submit these documents directly to RACGP and request points Awujo Aung Ang Allin Bye Bunting Buckland Bromley Bell Beck Bauza Barry Cully Crawford Cramp Chung Christie Cheri Chan Catherine Carter Carroll Carbone Camilleri Dorevitch Dawson Davey Evans Fui Ho Fox Forcey Foneska Findlay Feigin Gunaratne Gray Graham Gill Ghodosi Galonski Gale Hurly Hession Harwood Hamilton Hall Haines Jackson Kyaw Hta yKumar Kporku Kelvin Kearney Liston Lees Leckie…

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CERTIFICATES- Please click on your name to download Arena Barry Bauza Carter Catherine Christie Clarke Dawson Galonski Greenwood Griffiths Gunaratne Harwood Hession Hurly Jones Heather Jones Kelvin Khaicy Kim Kporku Kyaw Htay Lavery Lew Ang Ley Liston Mansfield McLaughlin Miles Moore Osborne Pierce Primrose Raffel Ratnayake Robertson Shaikh Sumner Tan Patrick Tan Toman Tree Wilkin

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