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Archive for April 2017

ECG of The Week – 24 April 2017

A 58 year old male presents with an episode of pre-syncope. On arrival he feels well. He describes a similar episode a few days ago and has had a few episodes of what he calls minor chest tightness, lasting 2-3 minutes. His past history is of hypertension and he is a smoker. His vitals are…

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Alkhateri Allen Alnoaman Alwohaiby Anderson M Anderson Aram Barbour Byka Brownlie Browning Browning G Brandon Carey Curran Crohan Clarke Clark Chu Cheung Charles Chapman Chanwai Chan Dewan Dryburgh Feng Garner Griffin Grey Gleeson Gee Hancox Hur Hone Hetherington Hawker Hati-Kakoty Ismail Jacobs Ju Chen Joseph Johansson Janson Kelly Krisnadi Koshy Kinnear Lackie Lynch Lu Lozinski…

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Asymptomatic Cervical Fractures in The Elderly

A new study is about to be published which questions the use of current cervical spine clearance criteria in the elderly(1). It goes further, recommending  “liberal c-spine imaging for older trauma patients with significant mechanism of trauma”. Here is a typical case: 74 year old patient from home, has had a mechanical fall from a…

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A BRUE is a Brief Resolved Unexplained Event and has somehow replaced the old term of ALTE, allowing us to identify a lower risk group amongst children. It is a ‘consensus’ decision and although appears helpful may not be so. CASE: A 3 month old is brought in by his parents. He had an episode where…

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