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Archive for January 2017

SAQ Sample 2

SAQ 1. A 58 year old man presents to your department by ambulance from a construction site after being hit in the chest and face by a large concrete block swinging from a pulley. He has sustained no other injuries. His vital signs on arrival are: HR 115 /min BP 99/66 mmHg RR 28 /min…

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SAQ Sample 1

TRY THESE SAQ’s A 38 year old injecting drug user presents complaining of dyspnoea and lassitude. He also has left sided neck pain. His vital signs are: HR 110 /min BP 90/45 mmHg RR 28 /min Sats 99% RA Temp 39.6 oC (a) What specific features will you enquire about on history to assess this…

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MCQ Sample 3

A 4 year old boy is brought to the Emergency Department with a one day history of vomiting and diarrhoea. You estimate a moderate level of dehydration. He weighs 15kg. The maintenance amount and deficit loss is most closely approximated by: (a) 750ml (b) 1750ml (c) 2050ml (d) 3000ml Answer When correcting fluid losses in…

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MCQ Sample 2

1 A 28 year old male is brought into the emergency department following a motor vehicle accident. On examination he has a lap belt abrasion over his lower abdomen. You would expect this to have a high association with all of the following except: (a) Vertebral fracture T12/L1 (b) Renal Injury (c) Small Bowel Injury…

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MCQ Sample 1

1 Which of the following is NOT a high risk factor for life-threatening injury in trauma? (a) GCS <13 (b) Falls 2m or more (c) Two or more proximal long-bone fractures (d) Age <5 or >55 Answer (b)   2 Which of the following are not predictors of life-threatening injuries in trauma? (a) bleeding >500ml…

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Question 1. A 72 yo male presents with abdominal pain and some vomiting. His PMHx includes AF, HT and AMI. He is on Aspirin and Amlodipine. What does this Abdo XR show? Name 3 causes: Answer Question A 68 yo male presents with abdominal distension and vomiting. You perform an Xray, in the middle of…

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Pictures From The Fellowship Exam

One of the exam favourites is to give you a picture. The idea is that it either gives a spot diagnosis, or forms the basis for a significant discussion. When you think about this, don’t get too discouraged. In your career, you’ve seen most things. In the same way as there are only a finite…

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Lactation Ketoacidosis

I go on about how important it is to be able to interpret blood gases, with our junior doctors and Fellowship Candidates. It can really change your diagnostic capabilities in the emergency department. Here is an interesting case, where gases solve the problem. A 30 yo woman is transferred to your emergency department. She has…

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