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Archive for August 2016

What’s Holding You Back?

This is not my usual blog and I must admit, a difficult blog to write. Why is it difficult? It’s about the very topic we are discussing. I found it difficult because I thought of what people might say, about an educator and clinician talking about success and what might be holding you back. We…

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How to Read the Blood Gas

The ABG or VBG become very important clues as to the diagnosis of some of the sickest patients we see. They help in monitoring the improvement of patients on non-invasive ventilation, and gives us clues as to the causes of patients ventilation issues. For those of you sitting the Fellowship Exam, you will get one…

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How to Read the ECG

Reading the ECG, is one of the most important skills in Medicine. We are expected to read them expertly and read them quickly. In most cases we have about 20 seconds to recognise that an ECG isn’t normal. That’s why I came up with my own system: “The ECG in 20 Seconds”, because that’s really…

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Severe Acidosis, Renal Failure and Metformin Toxicity

A Case of Severe Metformin Toxicity The call comes in just after midnight. A 67 year old male has been brought to the Emergency Department. He had complained of lower back pain, feeling unwell, with two episodes of vomiting. He arrived in the Emergency Department, aggitated, complaining of severe pain and having already been given,…

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