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Archive for June 2016

More ABG Examples

A 21 year old man is brought in by his father with a one week history of vomiting. He has not been able to keep any food down. He has been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis by his local doctor 4 months previously. Today his blood pressure is 90/48 and pulse rate 104. These are his…

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Reading the ABG

The ABG is one of the most basic tests we run in the Emergency Department. It may be an ABG or a VBG. Regardless, it is an opportunity to gain information quickly. ​This module will assist you in learning to read the ABG. Look for my overall approach to the ABG at the end of…

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Should We Lower BP in Inra-Cerebral Haemorrhage- ATACH-2

Introduction Two days after speaking at the EMCORE Conference on blood pressure control in intra-cerebral bleeds the ATACH-2 trial (Antihypertensive Treatment of Acute Cerebral Haemorrhage II) has been published. We know that intra-cerebral bleeds are dynamic, with up to 40% of patients having growth in haemorrhage volume, in the first 3 hours(Stroke 1997:28:1-5). We also…

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