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Archive for February 2015

Reducing a Dislocated Jaw- A new way to do it.

Have you ever had to reduce a dislocated jaw? I’ve done about 3 and it is always tough. Either get in front or behind the patient and above the patient and with gauze over the gloved thumb of each hand, use intra-oral manipulation, which involves pushing down hard on the bottom molars and perhaps adding…

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VBG: Elderly COPD patient with raised CO2

A 68 yo woman with known COPD, on home oxygen, presents a little drowsy. Her initial Co2 on venous gases was 84mmHg. She is placed on a short course of CPAP and is soon sitting out of bed eating sandwiches. The medical registrar looks at the venous gases and doesn’t want to take the patient…

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Box Jellyfish stings: To vinegar or not?

The call came: a case of Box Jellyfish(Chironex fleckeri) envenomation in a young girl and her father. The father was stable and pain was under control, however the daughter had such significant pain that, anti-venom had to be used. The wound had been washed with vinegar. Both patients were stable and comfortable in terms of pain levels.…

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Electrolytes and the Heart

I was talking to a group of my junior registrars the other day about cardiac physiology, and I was struck by how much trouble they seemed to have relating electrolytes to the QRS complex. We sat down and nutted it all out which left everyone happy. The key to understanding the effects of electrolytes is…

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Magnesium Sulfate: Neuroprotective in Stroke? Study says no.

We have had a longstanding and controversial discussion about thrombolysis and definitive management of stroke, however, there is a unified front in trying to find a neuroprotective agent, that somehow shields the cells from damage. Over 70 different such agents have been tried in the past, with no success. One of the main criticisms relating…

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Supraventricular Tachycardia(SVT) in Infants

A mother brings her 7 month old son to the Emergency Department, as he has been irritable for the last 2 days.  There have been no major problems, apart from the irritability, that she can pinpoint, perhaps some slight feeding issues and some fever two days ago, but that is all. The local doctor had…

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