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Archive for September 2014

Retropharyngeal Abscess

In occurs in 6months to 4 years of age. Patients present with: fever, drooling, dysphagia, inspiratory stridor and may hold their head in a torticollis-like position. If the abscess ruptures, it may result in rapid and fatal airway obstruction. Other complications include, aspiration pneumonia, mediastinitis, and erosion into the jugular vein and carotid artery. DO…

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Trans-venous pacing of bradycardia.

This case study involves an elderly gentleman who needed trans-venous pacing. Here is a simple how to. A 65 yo male is brought in by ambulance. They were called as he had a syncopal episode. When they arrived he was bradycardic and had a slightly depressed conscious state. His systolic BP was 60 mmHg and…

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