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Archive for August 2014

A Case of Valproic Acid Overdose

The Case We saw quite an interesting toxicology case in the emergency department the other day, which highlights some of the major issues in an increasingly common toxic presentation to departments: valproic acid toxicity.  A 28 year old man presented to ED at about 10am claiming to have taken an overdose of 200 “Epilim” tablets…

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My Rules for Getting the Airway

There are all these fancy terms out there in respect to airway. There’s apnoeic oxygenation, delayed sequence intubation, the vortex etc….. Let me tell you something, you already know. This stuff has been around in one form or another for a while, but we have discovered its application to emergency medicine only recently. After giving…

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How Big is that Pneumothorax?

Can you easily calculate the size of a pneumothorax? Does the size matter? Calculating the size has been difficult, as it requires formulas we don’t necessarily carry around in our heads; like the figure on the left. In most cases we approximate and say it’s about such and such a percent. I know in many…

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