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Archive for December 2013

Finding Your Bliss

Joseph Campbell,  renowned expert in mythology and author of many works including, ‘The Power of Myth’ and ‘Hero with a thousand faces’, spoke about “finding your bliss”. That one thing you love to do, that brings out the best in you. Notice, that he didn’t use the words happiness or success, or euphoria or financial…

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Propofol for unremitting migraine – my case series of…..1

I’ve been waiting for some time now. Waiting, for the perfect patient with severe, unremitting migraine,  unresponsive to all analgesia, to present, so I could use propofol as treatment. A short time ago I wrote a blog titled ‘Is Propofol the New Wonder Drug for Headaches?’, where small doses of propofol(10-20mg) were give every 3-5 minutes,…

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