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Archive for November 2013

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest- Colder may not be better!

This is Hot of the Press! November 17th 2013 New England Journal of Medicine, Neilsen et al have published ‘Targeted Temperature Management at 33ºC versus 36ºC after Cardiac Arrest‘ The story to this point. Since 2002 the Bernard et al article in NEJM, has changed our approach to the out of hospital arrest patient. Trials(1) showed…

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Treatment of Epistaxis with Tranexamic Acid?

The medical world moves quickly and some treatments emerge, are in vogue and disappear in the blink of an eye (for example Xigris). Others emerge stay with us and extend their applicability over time. I suspect Tranexamic acid (TxA) will be one of those slow burners that stay around. It has been recognised for some…

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