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Archive for September 2013

Clinical Fellowship Course

Kamikaze Clinical Fellowship Course – Melbourne/Sydney- March and April 2014 The Kamikaze Clinical Fellowship Course is a 5 week course 4 weeks of outstanding virtual environment including videos of short cases as well as Do’s and Don’ts of the Long Case and the SCE. There are skype SCE’s and Long Cases and interactive discussion about how to approach this exam. There are the two FACE…

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Are they Medically Cleared?

“Are they medically cleared?”  How many times do we hear this?  Usually its from mental health needing a patient to be “medically cleared “ before they go to the ward ( but some inpatient surgical specialties are also good at this)  What are they really asking? They’re asking for a guarantee that the patient will…

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An Unusual Foreign Body in the Airway

During a recent stint at a regional base hospital in NSW I was faced with an interesting clinical challenge that, at the time, I thought was most unusual. It appears I was wrong and the problem is well documented in the literature and fascinating in its gruesomeness! Hang on to you breakfasts!  A middle aged…

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Hyponatraemia- Working it out

Hyponatraemia is the most common electrolyte abnormality that we see. It’s important to be able to quickly diagnose the causes of this. Below is a 6 minute video that summarises  an approach to the causes of hyponatraemia. Although not as simplistic as this, but my simple approach is: 1. Correct for increased glucose 2. If…

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A New Fever Coming to an ED Near You

Aedes albopictus mosquito feeding On 26th April 2013 2 cases of Chikungunya Fever were reported in The Cairns Post (1). The patients involved had both recently returned from Papua New Guinea and the cases are thought to have been imported. “Phew!” I hear you say; “Although it does expand the list of differential diagnoses of…

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