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Archive for May 2013

PE or NOT PE? That is the Question

Prasad. V., Rho J., Cifu A., A Metaphor for Medicine in the Evidence Based Medicine Era Achives Internal Med  Vol 172 (no 12) June 25, 2012TG 9† In this article the Authors from Chicago discuss how the concept of PE has changed over the last 100 years. Originally PE was diagnosed clinically with minimal or…

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Afebrile Febrile Convulsions – What?

How can you have an afebrile febrile convulsion? Well, it turns out you can. It occurs as convulsions in children with an acute infective illness and no fever. Usually the illness is a gastroenteritis. It denotes a more benign form of convulsion, similar to a classic febrile convulsion. A febrile convulsion is defined as a…

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