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Archive for April 2013

Bedside Ultrasound and Renal Colic

Can Bedside Ultrasound be a Tool in the Assessment and Management of Renal Colic? Bedside ultrasonography (BUS) has become a significant tool in the diagnostic repertoire of the emergency physician in recent years. Over the same period the use of, and potential risks of, CT imaging have come to the fore. Since the mid-1990s CT…

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Carotid Dissection-When to Suspect, When to Scan.

Have you ever wanted to order a test, especially a radiological one and after hours at that and were made to feel inept, for asking? It’s after 11pm, here’s the how the conversation goes: PK: “Hello Dr (fill in space) PK here, one of the ED consultants. Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to…

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