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Archive for March 2013

A ‘Rare as Hen’s Teeth’ Diagnosis

Have you ever had one of those cases where you thought, “I am so good, picking that”, even if you didn’t say it out loud. Or have you ever had one of those diagnoses where you thought ” I am so lucky”, it didn’t go, all ordinary on me. Well here is a recent case…

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How to make your own AIRWAY CAM

Here is a quick and cool way to make your own airway camera.Use it  to demonstrate and teach the technique of  intubation. It costs about $100 to put together, but can be as cheap as $50 to make. It’s amazingly effective! Part of its charm, I think, is that it looks like it’s been put…

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Airway Management in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

We all spend a significant amount of time and effort in training in and practicing advanced airway management. One of the reasons that it is such an important skill, for the emergency physician or trainee, is so that we can address the A in DRSABC, in the event of a patient in cardiac arrest. Over…

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Cement Burns: "She’ll be right mate". Maybe not.

Here is the case. A 48 year old man presents with some redness and burns on his lower limbs. He was using cement one day previously, laying a concrete slab and standing in it, his denim pants soaked. He felt some mild discomfort at the time, but now that he has seen his legs, he…

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