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Archive for January 2013

Is Propofol the new wonder drug for headaches?

Is propofol the new wonder drug for treating headaches? You know the scenario: a patient comes in with headache for the previous few hours or even days. It’s the same as the patient’s normal migraine, but very severe and won’t go away. What do you do? A bit aspalgin and/or codeine and/or fluid and/or metoclopramide.…

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TB in the ED

Case Presentation: During a recent shift as a VMO in an Eastern State Regional ED I was faced with a rarely encountered, clinically important and emerging clinical challenge. Many of you would have noted the increase in media attention to the problem of tuberculosis, and particularly multi-drug resistant TB (MDR TB). 4 recent cases of…

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Apnoeic Oxygenation

…or how can I stop my sedated patient from desaturating? This is simple; a 7 minute video that briefly explains the use of apnoeic oxygenation. I use it to help keep saturations up in patients that I’m about to intubate, or in those that are sedated for a procedure. I use it in adults. It suits a patient…

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iphone app for assessing heart rhythm

Here’s an interesting idea. Using an application on your smartphone, as a holter monitor. The use of the smartphone in medical technology hasn’t really reached any sort of potential as yet, however we’re starting to see some great new apps. I have had paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, that has usually occured secondary to drinking more than…

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