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Archive for March 2011

Inferior infarct: what else to look for

In this video, Dr Sam Bendall presents one of many cases at our ECG workshop. This is now in our CARDIAC COURSE. This case involves the patient with inferior infarction and what else to look for, including posterior infarction and right ventricular infarction with a reminder to think of dissection. The management of these patients is…

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How not to miss an AMI

This is an excerpt from a lecture in the ‘Cardiac Notes’ by Assoc Professor Kas, to be presented at The Cardiac Course One of the most important decisions we make on a daily basis if you work in Emergency Medicine, general practice or specialty practice is knowing which patient with chest pain we can send home…

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ECG in 20 seconds

One of the unfortunate consequences of busier ED’s is we do more of everything. Every shift, most of us see over 20 ECG’s, sometimes more. To perform we have to be faster and smarter – thus the 20 second ECG. See more, miss less. See more patients with less staff etc. We need to make…

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