I’ve changed the way I do surgical airway

proceduresI think there’s a better way. This comes after talking to people who’ve done ton’s of surgical airway. When you work in Australia and don’t get the volume of patients that have the trauma and other conditions that will lead more often to the surgical airway, you define your technique to suit what you do and this is what we’ve done in the past.

But now we ask, is there even a better way?

What better way to learn than to ask Emergency Physicians in the country where surgical airways are more common than corn chips – OK maybe that’s not quite true, but you know I’m talking about the US of A.

Many of you have attended my airway workshop. Given that its one of the only workshops of its kind in Australasia, where do I go if I want to see if I can get challenged? Yes sir, “I saddled up the truck and moved to Beverly”(most of you younger guys won’t know this quote, but the older and more arthritically challenged amongst you, like me, will know that line is from an old series,’The Beverley Hillbillies’.

Anyway, I was taking an airway workshop and talking to the guys from USC and we had great discussion on airway and especially surgical airway.

I showed them my horizontal technique and discussed the issues related to it.

Now let me put this in context for you, and a little bit of a rant will follow! This rant is about the way anaesthetics or ICU or anyone else reacts when the ED does a surgical airway.

A few years ago I was working at a trauma centre down […]

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