Video Laryngoscope

The failed intubation. It’s your worst nightmare and it can look like this. The trauma patient with the cervical fracture, that crashes and you need to tube NOW.

You can’t move their neck and you look down with the laryngoscope(your trusted mac blade) and[…]

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Lithium Toxicity or Tumour?

A 56 year old woman presents to the emergency department with several days history of diarrhoea. She is a little confused and unsteady on her feet. Her past medical history includes hypertension and manic depressive disorder and she is well otherwise. She is on Lithium and an antihypertensive. She denies trauma, or headache, or visual…

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Chest Tube Insertion in Pneumothorax

This is a video lecture on how to insert a chest tube. It was done for an elderly gentleman with a spontaneous collapse of the right lung. His permission was given to display this video.

Pneumothorax presents in 3 peaks: Neonates, 20-40year olds(usually primary) and >40 year olds (secondary) […]

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Sudden onset of headache and the potential underlying Subarachnoid Haemorrhage(SAH) is not an uncommon presentation to the Emergency Department. I recently saw a 32 year old male who presented with a sudden onset of severe headache whilst squatting in the gym. He also complained of pre-syncope. What do we need to do for him? SAH…

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