Central Line Placement with Ultrasound

Central Lines can be very difficult to place. True central lines are the subclavian line and the internal jugular line. There is also the provision for insertion of a femoral.

Subclavian lines can be easier to establish as the subclavian vein is a permanently distended vessel that[…]

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Hydrofluoric Acid Burns

Hydrofluoric Acid Burns can be very serious burns, with fatalities documented at <5% burns area. Hydrofluoric acid is a weak acid that is used in industry in electroplating and glass etching and in smaller business in carpet cleaners and other such stain removing products. It’s a weak acid with good tissue penetration, that binds calcium…

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Handheld ultrasound- the EM gadget of the future

As ultrasound machines get smaller and smaller I’m excited at what is coming up. In Australia Sonosite have introduced the new handheld PDA-type ultrasound machine. A bit geeky if you hang it round your neck, but I won’t care. The problem with most of these is that the software hasn’t quite caught up yet. Above…

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