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Archive for August 2009

Lunate Dislocation

What type of fracture is this? Correct – you need to get both right angled views. Based on this view it is probably a LUNATE Dislocation A lunate dislocation happens typically following a fall onto the wrist. This is an x-ray diagnosis. There will be swelling and there may be median nerve signs (due to…

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Johnny where are my keys?

A mother brings her 2 year old into the emergency department. “I’ve lost my house key and can’t get into the house. Johnny was playing with it. I wonder if there is any way he could have swallowed it?” Any comments on how to manage? Pretty much leave well enough alone. If the child is…

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Using Gadgets in medical education

The iphone, the blackberry, windows based devices, nokia and other devices are commonplace amongst us. Some people carry one device, some two. With a small amount of planning these devices can become absolute resources for learning. This blog briefly looks at some of the applications we have for these devices. You can now download videos…

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