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This course reviews the Adult and Paediatric curriculum over 24 weeks, with videos and articles and synopses and over one thousand combined MCQ’s, EMQ’s and SAQ’s, roadblock exams and STRATEGY, as well as Multiple Live, Interactive Webinars, where you know there is someone there guiding you.
Emergency Physicians experienced in exam preparation take you through your exam preparation.
​There are two courses run per year, August and February. REGISTER NOW!

Here's What Your Colleagues Are Saying About The Course

” Love you guys; love the attitude, skill mix and mindset; recommending your course to all whom I think will ‘get it’ (since not all do…). So much so, I will pay half the course cost for a friend. Thanks so much” (August 2017)

“Thanks for everything. Regardless of how I go, your course was bloody great and if I don’t succeed this time, I’ll succeed next time because of what you guys taught (not just content but mindset, methodology etc.).(Aug 2017)

I wanted to say that I thought the Fellowship Online Course was a fantastic and effective tool for exam preparation …..Thank you so much for your input and assistance and helping me to pass at my first attempt.“(2017 Feb)

“Thanks Peter and Luke. I’m very relieved. I passed the February written exam. I have already recommended your course to many friends and colleagues. It was a great to have structure and guidance for the 6 months of hard work and without the course I would have been far less motivated and very much less prepared in terms of answer writing technique. “(2017)

“Thank you so much for your help, I passed the Written” (2016 candidate)

​”A great course. It keeps you on track to succeed in the written.It cuts all the unnecessary information out and spoon feeds you with what you really need to know. It was a fun way to learn and gives you plenty of practice!”(2016)

“I have found the course particularly helpful in terms of a structured timetable to guide you through the high yield topics… The course keeps you on track…….. I found the ECG lectures especially helpful.(2016)
​PLUS many many more!


Webinar Topics

  • Study Strategies for the Exam
  • MCQ and SAQ Exam dissection of answers
  • Own The ABG
  • Own The ECG
  • X-Ray Examination and discussion
  • RoadBlock Exam I: Review and Discussion
  • Administration
  • Psychiatry
  • Own The Investigations
  • RoadBlock Exam II: Review and Discussion
  • T is for Tox
  • Peter Kas’s Matrix of the Exam
  • Q&A x2
  • Pre-Exam issues for discussion


Our live webinars replace face to face days, because you asked for it! No more travelling, expenses and being away from home. Now we have a constant stream of live, interactive webinars that allow pure immersion from your own study.

All Webinars are recorded, so you can watch them as many times as you wish.

If you’re sitting your Emergency Fellowship exams, or know someone who is, then this is for you!
The single greatest issue that delegates face, is they just get overwhelmed. They don’t know where to start. They have no structure, no direction, nothing that says, we’ll start here and finish there. They don’t feel confident that if they do a set portion of work, that they will have the theory and the technique and what is needed to pass the exam.

……..Until Now!……….

This is a 6 month Virtual Course with Weekly VIDEO Lectures, NOTES, and Tests to do. MCQ’s EMQ’s and SAQ’s.
With over 1500 new exam, specific questions in total, in our bank and growing, you will always have material to practice on.


X-rays that you could potentially be asked
ECG’s and more ECGs
Pictures that are important and you might get
All the ABG’s you can do


-Weekly Video Lectures, that are subject specific
-Weekly challenges, such as ECG’s and lab results and X-rays
-Weekly MCQs/EMQ’s/SAQ’s


  • Own the ECG Book
  • Own the Xray Book
  • T is for TOX
  • Reading ABG Notes

PLUS Many other handouts


All work is done via our dedicated course website www.fellowshipexam.com. Just look at a portion of what you get!

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