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Spodick’s Sign and Pericarditis

Spodick’s Sign appears in Stage I of Pericarditis and is a downsloping of the TP line ie., the baseline. It is said to be present in some 80% of cases of acute pericarditis and is best visualised in lead II and the lateral precordial leads(1).       The ECG findings of pericarditis are important…

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Early Repolarisation or AMI

A 28 year old male presents with atypical chest pain, shortness of breath and a feeling of general muscular aches and pains. He has an ECG. Does it show early repolarisation or an infarction, or something else?           In this ECG, there is ST elevation in the inferior and anterior leads….

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Pericarditis, Benign Early Depolarisation or STEMI

Differentiating between Pericarditis, Benign Early Depolarisation and ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction can sometimes be difficult. CASE A 35 yo male presents with palpitations and pleuritic chest pain. He’s recently had a viral illness but has no other medical history. At 1am in the morning, the patient was woken by palpitations. He now complains of left…

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