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Non-Invasive Ventilation

Introduction If find myself reaching more and more for the non-invasive ventilation, in the COPD patient. I’ve always loved it for acute pulmonary oedema. However, there is something about assisting the patient’s work of breathing, that allows me to ‘titrate’ what I give. A Case The ambulance bring a patient in on a rebreather. She…

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Hip Relocation

I remember the days when we had to reduce hips in the emergency department and I used to have to jump on the bed. Stand there and pull up on the hip with the knee at right angles. In fact I remember, many years ago, working in a small emergency department with one doctor and…

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Inferior infarct: what else to look for

In this video, Dr Sam Bendall presents one of many cases at our ECG workshop. This is now in our CARDIAC COURSE. This case involves the patient with inferior infarction and what else to look for, including posterior infarction and right ventricular infarction with a reminder to think of dissection. The management of these patients is…

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