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This series is for Fellowship Candidates and Fellows Alike.

Join us every month for a FREE Webinar series, to give you the best chance of passing the Fellowship Exam.

Wednesday 25th October 2017: 'Own The Arrhythmia' 7-8pm

We look at the common arrhythmia presentations and develop an approach to the bradycardia and tachycardia patient as well as to the wide complex rhythm.
Speaker Associate Professor Peter Kas

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Wednesday 29th November 2017: 'Strategies to Pass The Fellowship Exam' Register

The Exam is about knowledge. All exams should be. There is a massive technique approach to this exam. Lets go over the best ways to approach.
Speaker: Associate Professor Peter Kas


Wednesday 14th December 2017: 'Own The Xray'

The Xray question is an integral part of the examination. In our everyday practice we see multiple X-rays.
Speaker: Associate Professor Peter Kas


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