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EMCORE Hong Kong


Wednesday 5th April
​0830-0850 Ruling the Resus Room
0850-0905 Traumatic resuscitation
0905-0920 ECMO & REBOA
0920-0935 MTP: When and what
0935-0955 Pregnancy and Trauma: Is all trauma the same?
0955-1015 Sepsis 2017
1015-1030 Pressors: Which, When, How?
1030-1100 BREAK
1100-1125 Airway Pearls
1125-1155 BiPAP: How to use it
1155-1220 The management of acute agitation in the emergency setting
1220-1300 Practical Bits:
Putting in the Hip
Putting in the Shoulder
Putting back the Jaw
Dental Trauma
1300-1400 OPTIONAL Airway Workshop

Thursday 6th April
0830-0850 Syncope, Seizure, Sudden Collapse
0850-0900 Heart Failure 2017: What’s New?
0900-0915 Low risk PE: Does it exist?
0915-0930 The ECG’s of PE
0930-0945 Contrast Nephropathy: Is it Real?
0945-1000 Outpatient Mx of PE
1000-1030 ECG Quiz I- with Prizes
1030-1100 BREAK
1100-1110 Arrhythmia Pearls
1110-1125 Don’t miss the Mobitz
1125-1145 WCT: Rule out VT in 3 steps.
1145-1200 Subtle ECG changes of ischaemia
1200-1225 Brugada, Wellens, de Winter, Spodick
1225-1240 What Pacemaker is that?
1240-1300 ECG Quiz II
1300-1400 OPTIONAL Airway Workshop.

Friday 7th April
​0830-0855 Fever: Playing the odds
0855-0915 ALTE’s gone, now what?
0915-0945 SIC KID 2017: The kids mnemonic everyone should know
0945-1000 Bronchiolotis vs asthma
1000-1030 Rash: The quiz
1030-1100 BREAK
1100-1125 Peads Pearls
1125-1140 Airway Pearls in Paeds
1140-1200 The Bilirubin Baby
1200-1220 Pills that kill
1210-1230 CXR in kids: When to order, how to read​
1230-1300 Important Papers To Read
1300-1400 OPTIONAL 1 Hour Airway Workshop.



We have a bank of rooms set aside for delegates. Please book your room early, as this is a very busy time in Hong Kong. There are multiple conferences and the Rugby 7’s are in town, so rooms will go quickly and be very expensive closer to the event. If we don’t book the rooms early we have to release them, for general bookings.

Are You A Rugby 7's Fan?

It's on in Hong Kong from 6-10 April

“Hong Kong is the ultimate destination for all Sevens fans, providing partying, shopping and of course 3 massive days of action at Hong Kong Stadium. Break out your best dress up costume and join tens of thousands of fans from all over the world enjoy this great event.

2016 was the 41st edition of the Hong Kong 7’s and saw a repeat of the 2015 final with Fiji taking on New Zealand. In a tough grueling final Fiji ran away victors 21-7 securing their fourth Hong Kong 7’s title in the last 5 years. In other results from a huge weekend of action, South Africa narrowly defeated Australia 14-12 in the 3rd place play-off, England defeated the USA 19-0 in the Plate Final, Argentina thrashed Scotland 26-0 in the Bowl Final, while Russia took out this Shield Final with a 19-14 victory over Canada”

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