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Cardiac Bootcamp

Friday June 2nd 2017

0800-0820            3 Steps to Diagnosing VT
0820-0835            The AF Epidemic: A simple approach
0835-0855            Cardiogenic Shock:  A Case Study
0855-0905            Is There Anything New in Heart Failure Management? 
0905-0910            Troponin T and BNP
0910-0930            Paediatric Heart Conditions we must know
0930-1000            ECG Quiz in Real Time
1000-1030            BREAK
1030-1050            Syncope and the ECG
1050-1105            The ECG’s of PE
1105-1120            The Paediatric ECG
1120-1135            Subtle Ischaemic Changes Not to Miss
1135-1150            Pericarditis: The Great Pretender
1150-1205            Narrow Complex Tachycardias
1205-1225            Don’t Miss The Mobitz
1225-1245            Brugada, Wellens, deWinter, Spodick, Taketsubo, WPW 
1245-1300            ECG Quiz Answers

ECG in 20 Seconds

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